Off Site Shredding

Our facility is fenced in, alarmed and under 24 hour surveillance. We have a large industrial shredder that is capable of shredding up to 10,000 pounds/hour. This is the preferred method for large cleanouts and large volume jobs.

  • Ability to follow back truck, and witness destruction.
  • Same day processing.
  • Paper leaves the premise in secure manner.
  • Cheaper and faster, i.e. cost saving.
  • Eliminates expensive shredders, shredded waste disposal, and maintenance.
  • Saves your company time and overhead.
  • Material is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

Step One:

You collect materials in our free, wide variety of secure locking containers. We will show up as scheduled (Monthly, biweekly, weekly, daily) or when you call.

Step Two:

In a short period of time, uniformed, fully bonded, and insured employees will arrive and remove the containers from your building and replace them with empties. You are given a Proof of Pick-up certificate. The containers will be brought to a secure box truck.

Step Three:

The truck returns to our secure, fenced in, protected warehouse. The Containers are weighed on a New York State certified scale.

Step Four:

The containers are emptied into the shredder, the same day they are picked up, which destroys the contents and bales the shredded remains. The bales are shipped to a paper mill where they are turned into pulp and then paper goods, such as toilet paper.

Step Five:

After the contents are destroyed you are sent a certified copy of the certificate of destruction with your invoice.