I remember visiting your facility when our company went out to bid for a shredding vendor. Although H.I.P.A.A. was not in law at that time, we wanted to make sure patient information was handled in the strictest of confidence. I was impressed with the security that you had in place, locking up the shredding bins and locking them yet again in a caged area in your facility. The size of the shredding machine that would chew up just about anything in its path and how it was compressed and banded right there on the spot. What an operation. All of that was impressive to say the least but, what really caught my attention was the friendly family atmosphere. Over the years whenever I have had to call for a special pick-up or extra shredding bins, I find the can-do attitude with attention to the customers needs refreshing in this fast paced world. I work with many vendors; it is nice to be treated with respect for my needs of urgency and with a friendly attitude. I want to Thank You and your Family. I recommend you highly.

- Mary B.-Healthcare Services Industry

3N Document Destruction Inc. has been shredding for our firm for many years. Throughout this time, we have been provided with top-notch service. 3N is a family-run business and it shows. Whether talking to someone on the phone or in person, they are always friendly, courteous and ready to help. I recommend them highly to anyone who is looking for the types of services 3N can provide.

- Ellen T.-Financial Services Industry

As the office manager of a residential mortgage company, it is my responsibility to insure that our confidential documents are disposed of in a secure manner that is in compliance with Federal guidelines. Our company has had a relationship with the Neville family at 3N Document Destruction for five years. I knew after my first visit to the warehouse that I would have no worries or concerns. They run an extremely professional and safe facility. In all that time, I have always known that our documents were handled efficiently and disposed of properly. They come into our main office to empty five huge recycle cans every two weeks, like clockwork, and take care of our smaller branches when needed. I enjoy the security of knowing that they will be there. I don?t have to keep track or worry about it. If we ever had a need for any extra pickups, they are just a phone call away and there the next day. As an added bonus, I have the pleasure of working with a truly remarkable family. They are the nicest, most caring people who treat our company as they would their own. Anyone looking for a shredding company will find working with 3N an asset and bonus to their working day.

3N not only handles our shredding business, but our document storage business as well. We have over 5,000 boxes of files that we need to access on a regular basis. The system they have set up for us works perfectly. We communicate almost daily, and they always accommodate our changing needs.

- Carol R.  Mortgage Services