On Site Shredding

With our Mobile Shredding Truck, we can shred 3,000 pounds of your confidential material an hour, at your place of business. The benefits of on-site shredding include:

  • Ability to witness actual destruction.
  • No readable paper leaves the premises.
  • Eliminates expensive shredders, shredded waste disposal, and maintenance.
  • Save your company time and overhead.
  • There is no direct handling or sorting of paper.
  • Material is disposed of in an environmentally friendly

Step One:

You collect your material in our free, wide variety of secure locking containers. We will show up as scheduled or when you call.

Step Two:

In a short period of time, a uniformed, fully bonded, and insured 3N employee will arrive and remove the containers from your building. They will be brought to the mobile shredding truck. If billing is done by the pound it is weighted on a portable, New York State certified scale.

Step Three:

The containers are then lifted up inside the truck and dumped into a shredder. The contents are destroyed and compacted in the back of the truck.

Step Four:

When all material is destroyed you are given a Certificate of Destruction and your containers are returned to their positions.

Step Five:

Unlike some competitors, the truck returns to our ?own? secure warehouse and dumps out the shredded paper. Then we bale it up with other shredded paper and ship it to a paper mill, where it is hydro-pulped and then recycled.